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Product Infomation@Equipment Department
T&H Series
We take your custom-made offer to meet your needs. Also we analyze inner atmospheric current in your machinery. We will present our equipment, which is designed with many reliable performances.


Providing Flow-rate
  1.0m3^min. to 65 m3^min
Temperature Ctrl. Range
  20 °C to 27°C
Temp. Ctrl. Tolerance
  ± 0.1 °C
Humidity Ctrl. Range
  40% RH to 50% RH
Humidity Ctrl. Tolerance
International Safety Standards
  SEMI CE RoHS available
Interface   Communications interface available
Other   * Make it realize that a highly precise control be with a certain use-point.


 Type A Providing Flow-rate
1.0 m3 to
3.6 m3 / min.
 Type B Providing Flow-rate
3.7 m3 to
15.0 m3 / min.
 Type C Providing Flow-rate
15.0m3 to
35.0 m3 / min.
 Type D Providing Flow-rate
35.0 m3
to 65.0 m3