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CTH Series
  • Our Gas Purifier can make it realize that almost no contaminations exists in Clean Rooms.
    Contact us for the contaminations concerned you need to remove. We offer an ideal equipment to meet your desirable performance.
  • With the self-regenerating function, we succeed in making the maintenance free in the adsorbent system realize.
  • Not likely to chemical filters, the initial performance as the purifier will last.
  • Combined with our T&H system, highly precise temperature & humidity controlling is available to suit on your manufacturing environment.

¡System features

Providing Velocity /
  5.0 to 100 m3 / min.
Principal Performance
  NH3 removal rate: 99.8%
Chemicals removal rate: 99.0%
NOX, SOX removal rate: 99.0%
Temperature Ctrl Tolerance
International Safety
Interface / Communications   Any specification network available
Remarks   Highly precise controlling is reliable with our use-point system: Up to Class 100, cleanness is available.


CTH unit: 20m3/min.
(Footprint saved type)
1580(W) x 1200(D) x 2710(H) mm
*The unit shown in the photo is
temperature & humidity (T&H)
mounted type. Water cooled
refrigerator Refrigerant: R-407C