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Product Infomation@Device Department
Motor Valve

Fluid Controlling Motor Valve

Fluid character customized and controlling available
¡ It's available to control small quantity of fluid and to install in cogeneration system.

  Rotating 2-direction Valve
Applied Fluid
Fluid Pressure Range
  0 to 0.8 Mpa
Ambient Temperature Range
  0 to 40°C
Fluid Temperature Range
  0 to 80°C
Body Material
Valve Material
Sealing Material for Rotating part
Diameter at Joint
  Rc 1/2


Motor Valve

Compact Electric Ball Valve MB-07A, MB-07H

¡Low price: Plastic-made ball valve
¡Available to select the material of the body, which is suitable with fluid.
¡Long life expectancy

Fluid   Water, Anti-erosive liquid, chemicals
Maximum applied pressure   Maximum applied pressure: 0.98Mpa (10kgf / cm2)
Power supply / Voltage   100 VAC (50 / 60 Hz)
Time required to open / close    
@MB-07A   20/16.5 sec. 50/60 Hz
@MB-07H   12/10 sec. 50/60 Hz
Motor   Synchronous Motor
Rating Power   3.5/4 W 50/60Hz
Insulation Type
  JIS type E
Motor Protection   Impedance Protection
Peripheral Temperature
  10 to 50°C
Protection structure
Weight   Approx. 0.7 kg
Fluid Applied Temperature   Refer to Below
@Body Material
/ Fluid Temperature Range
  U-PVC / 0 to 50°C
C-PVC / 0 to 90°C
PP / -20 to 50°C
PVDF / -20 to 100°C

¡Out-fit figure

¡Measurement Table

Diameter d L H H2 Pour Size Cv
15A Rc 1/2 102 112 29 15 13.9
20A Rc 3/4 120 119 35 20 23.8
25A Rc 1 131 126 39 25 46.5

¡Electric Cable Drawing