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Product Infomation@Equipment Department
Chiller Series
We comply with customized products in order to meet the specifications you need. Also contact us for heat-exchanger development on your machinery.
We present a large number of products, which have performance records


Temperature Ctrl. Range
  -65°C to 200°C
Cooling Capacity
  500 W to 100 kW
Coolant (Brine)
  Fluorine Inert Gas, Brine, Pure Water
International Safety Standards
  SEMI, CE, RoHS available
  Communications interface available
  * Perfect Heat-exchanger, which completely prevents a mixture of 1st and 2nd coolants is installed.
* Usage / Application: Medical, Pharmacy and Food industry

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Temperature Ctrl. Range
¦-65°C to +20°C
 Type‚`
Dual Cooling Chiller
Temperature Ctrl. Range
¦-35°C to +25°C
 Type‚a
Temperature Ctrl. Range
¦-30°C to +90°C
 Type‚b
Temperature Ctrl. Range
¦+10°C to +90°C
 Type‚c
Temperature Ctrl. Range
¦+40°C to +200°C
 Type‚d