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Product Infomation@Device Department
Micro Valve
*We do not maintain the valve on our production line, currently. For details, visit the inquiry form on our website, filling out in the space provided.

Micro Valve

Compact analyzing device(Micro Reactor),
Available to control subtle fluid such as compact fuel cell.
¡Extremely smallƒtƒ@ƒC10 | outward solenoid valve.
¡With small inner-capacity, but it is available to control subtle fluid.
¡Moveable part separated from fluid, erosive liquid is available to apply.
¡Manifold or Block available

Orifice diameter
Fluid Pressure Range
Constructive Pressure
Rating Voltage
Rating Current:
Rating Coil
Peripheral Temperature Range
  0 to 40°C
Fluid Applied Temperature Range
  -10 to 40°C
Contact us for material of fluid.