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Two-way Diaphragm Solenoid Valve

NEW!! Fluid/Flow rate UP!
Small size; Low cost; Saved energy. Cope with energy cogeneration.

■Have the orifice diameter "phai4 mm" with the structural reform.
■Apply to analytical instruments available with the highly enduring valve.
■Capable to apply corrosive fluids since the activating/driving part is completely separated from fluid with the diaphragm.
■No annoying noise sounds with the unique constructional body.
■Simply connect the tube to the valve with the compact joint.

Orifice Diameter
  phai4 mm equivalent
(Cv: 0.3)
Applied Fluid
  Water, Air, Chemicals/Bath*
Fluid Pressure Range
  0 to 0.2MPa**
Constructively Enduring Pressure
Rating Voltage
  24 VDC
Rating Coil
Rating Current
Peripheral Temperature
  5 to 40 deg. C
Fluid Temperature Range
  5 to 40 deg. C
Body Material
Joint Diameter
  phai8mm at hose joint***
* Check the actual fluid to use for examining.
** For the specific pressure range, contact us.
*** Contact us for the material and shape of the vale, etc.

Two-way Diaphragm Solenoid Valve

Middle to High Temperature Fluid Available Cope with Energy Cogeneration.
■The drive separately from fluid allows to use corrosive materials
■No harmful noise occurs with our distinctive structure.
■Applied a compact joint, the solenoid valve is available to connect with a hose.

Orifice Diameter
Fluid Pressure Range
  - 50 to 300 Kpa
Constructive Endurance
  450 Kpa
Rating Voltage
Rating Current
  240 mA
Rating Coil
Peripheral Temperature
  0 to 70°C(Max.)
Fluid Temperature Range
  0 to 90°C(Max.)
Body Material
Diaphragm   Fluorine rubber
Applied Fluid   Water Corrosive fluid
Jointing Diameter   ファイ8Horse joint

Magnet Latch Solenoid Valve

Saved Energy, Fuel Cell mid-sized mobile device available
■No electric consumption during the operation with signal of switching on and off.
■With installing internal circuit, “Valve Close” setting is available as power failure.
■Manifold specific products available to meet customers’ needs.

Orifice diameter
Flow-rate Pressure Range
  0 to 0.59 Mpa
Constructive Endurance
  1.2 Mpa
Rating Voltage
  0.06W (ON: 0.5s, OFF: 0.5s)
Periphery Temperature Range
  10 to 50 °C
Fluid Temperature Range
  0 to 40 °C
Action Cycle
  Over 50 ms
* Feel free and contact us about spec. such as Orifice diameter, Pressure range, Material touching fluid.