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Regional Contribution Act.

As celebrating Nagano Plantfs 20th anniversary, Shinwa contributes a rose garden to Takato-machi Ina.Nagano prefecture.
One of our company policies, we address gwe are the company in which we contribute the local economy and culture to grow, being together with regional local people.h
One of such activities was to contribute part of our profit to Takato-machi Ina city as Nagano Plant enjoys its 20th anniversary in2005.
Then Takato-machi landscaped a garden named gRose Garden on Shinwa Hills.h
This rejuvenation allows now visitors who used to gather in spring for enjoying cherry blossom to often come by Takato-machi year around.

Takato gRose Garden on Shinwa Hillsh grand-opens on May 21 in 2005. The vast land, which was once a fallow field, now holds 32 species of Roses, totally planted around 4,000. Visitors have a good time to enjoy the beautiful colors and fragrance from May to October.

Friendly Contact with Residents

Sponsor gCool Evening Breeze Festivalh as a region-oriented company

We wish we could be a firm that be friendly by locals and be loved.
All the staffer in Kyushu and Nagano both join the festival, which is like a hand-made style. This festival now is regarded as one of the annual events to residents in Omura and Takato-machi. Lots of Locals around the area participate in the summer feast willingly.